SOM has become a licensed NYCOTE® coating producer 01.01.2010

SOM is licensed NYCOTE® thread masking coating producer in Turkey. NYCOTE®

  • Eliminates expensive masking, plugging or capping of threads
  • Eliminates the need for "slave" bolts
  • Eliminates re-tapping which can compromise quality and safety
  • Prevents the adhesion of electrodeposited primers and coatings
  • Prevents adhesion of weld spatter
  • Reduces torque vs. tension scatter
  • Improves lubricity and reduces installation drive friction
  • Coats external or internal threaded fasteners
  • Achieves known and repeatable clamp load
  • Guarantees good electrical grounding
  • Reduces manufacturing cost by increasing productivity
  • Coats only the threads - not grip length or faces
  • NYCOTE® is patented and trademarked worldwide

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